I am trying to make some point to get the level 9, any recomendations?

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I am trying to make some point to get the level 9, any recomendations?


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    Salut @JuanDavidPadillaVega

    Depends on how many points do you need

    But the best way is participating in the forum

    Participate in the community, you will receive:

    • 3 points for replying to a question

    • 50 points for getting the first Best answer

    • 100 points for each month that you are active

    You will also receive points for earning various badges.

    On your Fizz account, you will receive:

    • 10 points for each $ paid on your monthly plan.

    • close to 3 points for each $ spent at the Fizz mobile shop here: https://fizz.ca/en/plp

    • 3 points every time you gift data from your mobile plan: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-is-data-gifting-and-how-does-it-work

    • 200 points for each confirmed referral: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-invite-friends-to-join-fizz

    You can find more tips and tricks here - https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2620496/what-are-some-of-your-best-tips-and-tricks

    Using the Community Hub to share and help others comes with its own points and badges. 

    1 Earning Points

    Let’s get you started:

    1 Create your Community Hub account. Make sure to use the same email address as your Fizz account.  

    2 Help and contribute to the community by replying and posting helpful information that can benefit other Fizz members. > Learn how to post on the Community Hub

    3 You’ll earn points for each action you complete. Think of these as notoriety points. 

    4 Based on your contribution in the community, you may also receive Geek badges. The allocation of our Geek badges is based on a secret algorithm, devised to prevent people from gaming the community. But ultimately, the following will increase your chances:

    a The frequency of your activity on the Community Hub.

    b Any reply you post to help others who need assistance or direction.

    c Posting helpful contributions.


    Your participation in the Community Hub will also give a hand to your My Rewards progression.  

    1 You must be a Fizz member with an active monthly plan to participate in the My Rewards program. The email address you use in the Community Hub must match the one in your Fizz account. Subscribe to Fizz >

    2 The actions you complete on the Community Hub do not all contribute to your My Rewards program. Refer to the table below.

    3 Please note that to ensure fairness and quality of interaction on the Community Hub, daily limits have been set for each action that can contribute to your My Rewards progression. 

    Community Hub actions that contribute to your My Rewards progression

    ◦ Reply

    ◦ Answer in less than 5 minutes

    ◦ Daily leader

    ◦ Weekly leader

    ◦ Monthly bonus

    ◦ Monthly leader

    ◦ Earn “Accepted Solution” (best answer)

    2 Do I earn any rewards when I participate in the Fizz Community Hub?

    Participating in the Community Hub earns you points and badges, which in turn can contribute to your My Rewards progression in your Fizz account. You cannot earn rewards solely through the Community Hub. Learn about My Rewards


    The email used and associated with your Fizz account must not be changed once you start participating in the Fizz Community Hub or you will lose your ranking and the points you received to date. 

    source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-earn-perks-using-community

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    Wow level 9, I'm still at level 1 😒

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    Buy many phones!!
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    To earn points and reach level 9 with Fizz, you can engage in several activities that contribute to your points total. Here are some recommendations:

    1. Stay Active on the Fizz Community:
      • Answer questions and provide helpful advice to other members.
      • Start meaningful discussions or contribute to existing ones.
    2. Refer Friends to Fizz:
      • Use your referral code to invite friends to join Fizz. You earn points when they sign up and activate their service.
    3. Pay Your Bills On Time:
      • Regular, on-time payments for your Fizz services contribute to your points.
    4. Participate in Fizz Surveys and Feedback Requests:
      • Fizz occasionally sends out surveys or asks for feedback. Participate in these to earn extra points.
    5. Update your Community Profile:
      • Complete your Fizz community profile and keep it updated.
    6. Regularly Check Fizz’s Website and App for Challenges:
      • Fizz often has challenges or activities that can earn you points.
    7. Be Helpful and Courteous:
      • Gain kudos from other community members for being helpful. Each kudo you receive adds to your points.
    8. Use Fizz Services:
      • Regular usage of Fizz services, like mobile and internet, also contributes to your points accumulation.
    9. Stay Informed About Promotions:
      • Sometimes, Fizz offers promotional activities or contests that can help you gain extra points.
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    theres a lot of tutoriel on the rewards page
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    How long did it take for you guys to get from level 1 to 2 actually? Idle curiosity!
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    invite many friends
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    Referral, referral and referral ! 😁

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    If you are in level 8, you need 12000 points max to reach level 9. You may start to work a lot on the forum or spend 1200$ in billig for staying for a long term with Fizz. Because you have only 3 slots at these levels you will receive a 1$ rebate (mobile) or 3$ (internet) each month but you will have to discard 2 bonus that you have already. Your net gains will be 1$ or 500 mb (mobile) or 1$ (internet). Enjoy your plan and you will eventualy reach level 9.

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    Participation in the forum is a great way to level up. Alternatives are donating some data to friends and referring new people to Fizz
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    Really insightful.
    - A level 1
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    The easiest way is to participate in the forum.

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    How it's possible! You are apprentice level 1 and you are level 8!! Some People here, work hard to answer to everyone for to get like a level 5!

    You can not obtain level 8 if you never participated to the fizz Hub

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    What kind of benefits do we get when we reach level 9?

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    Either spend a lot of money on Fizz(buy phones, get expensive plans, give out a lot of data, buy add-ons), try to get more people to use your referral code, or be very active on the forum

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