What are some of your best tips and tricks?

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Hey Community,

We want to make sure our new members feel as comfortable as possible in their new home. Can you share some of your tips and tricks on how you use the community and maybe even share some how tos?

We will pin this post to the top of this category, so any new members that join can view all your awesome suggestions.


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  • How great! I have a question for you all, do we know how much point we can gain from each badges? Newbie here!

  • Seani
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    It's very hard to get points. Let's say 1/10 of posts I did will be choosed as best answer ( impossible ). In order to teach 15000 points , I need 3000 posts. If I did 10 posts a day , I need 300 days to reach 15000 points.

  • Payment and referral will go a long way. You can post a few every day, but they removed a few features like Kudos and fast replies so it'll be harder

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    very interesting. thanks

  • Thanks!

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    Some badges are easy to get, for example, add 1$ to your wallet even if you don’t need it. Send data to a friend, etc. Time will also help to obtain points, took less than 1 year to get to level 4 and I haven’t really participated to the community before recently.

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    Thank you

  • Yourboi
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    I think it’s easy to earn points. For exemple just like that I made three points.

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    3 points for me too :)

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  • 3points<

  • Thanks you

  • Thank you all

  • This comment is already 3 points :D

  • Ha hahah good way to make 3 points lol

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    So you really get 3 points from any post?