Non-whitelist phone working, but 4G tower coverage is poor

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I've got a POCO X5 Pro 5G, with specs similar to the Google Pixel 7a at half the price.

Initially, when the 3G network was (mostly) turned off in January, signal (mostly) disappeared.

But recently, with no change on my part, I now see VoLTE and 4G/+ when close to a tower.

That is good news.

The bad news is that signal appears to drop rapidly with distance to the tower, so while I can get VoLTE 4G, I can also be without a signal everywhere between my home and Plateau Montreal.

In that case, support instructed me to manually set my Mobile Network. This sometimes works, but as soon as I move any distance, the network is lost and I need to try again. But sometimes the network is visible along an entire route where it was not before, which makes me think that changes are still ongoing on the network side.

And occasionally, when I try to use a partner network (as instructed by support) I'll get a full bar signal which then immediately disappears, making me think that partners (eg. FIZZ_EXT_4G) either have strict whitelists or geofencing when the local FIZZ network 'should' be available.

So it seems like a work in process, but at least the anti-competitive whitelisting seems to be loosening.

Any other experiences with VoLTE coverage to report?


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    Hi @Jacques_Assert

    I have an iPhone 14 Pro and I haven't encountered any problems to date! Everything seems exactly as before

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    Depending on the region where you are the signal is poor or better. Usually is moving around 1-2 lines in 4G.
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    You're on the phone whitelist, so that is to be expected.

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    When I say coverage is 'poor', I should have probably said coverage is 'short range'. There are towers around my neighbourhood, and when I'm near one I get a get VoLTE 4G/4G+ signal, but a 1/2 km away I'm back to UMTS or HSPA.

    Without more towers, it seems that coverage is going to be more variable.

    But at least I'm getting VoLTE, which my phone always supported.

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    Hello Jacques_Assert  ,

    Sorry to hear about the issue but from what I verified the phone is indeed not in the supported devices list that`s on our website :

    The thing is , if you don`t have a compatible phone, it`s normal for the signal to oscillate, since we can`t guarantee a proper functionality of the service.

    I also saw that you unsubscribed ( possibly for this reason ) for which we are sorry to see, but if you decide to ever try our mobile services again, just be sure that you also have a compatible device.

    Have a good one,
    -Raul, Community Moderator

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