Rewards (Loyalty) Program - Maximized upgrade at early levels

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I was looking at the list of levels, rewards, and how it works with the link below; on Fizz's website.

What is the point of having multiple 2$ Internet upgrades if you can't use more than 3 at a time? If you reach level 10, you can have access to 6 upgrades valued 2$. However, you can't apply more than 3 at a time. It makes no sense. You already reach the maximum you can get at the level 6. Any further levels are pointless.

For the Mobile upgrade, it is a different story since you have variety in the choices (amount of MB or GB in extra vs 1$ rebate). However, you have the same problem at level 10 where the last upgrade is pointless since you have 4 upgrades valued 1$.

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