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Hi there

i 'm at level 5 right now.

if i go to My upgrades tab, I can see i m currently using 3 perks (data plan)

if i click on "Manage my upgrades" i can see my 3 perks in use and 4 others perks available.

but i cannot use one of them : i need to go level 6 ? how many perks can i use at level 5 ?

if i remove one of my current perk, can i add one of the 4 other perks ?

in fact i need to get rid off the 250 Mo perk and replace it with $1 off for my recurrent bill.

thx for your feedback !

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    You have 2 options:

    1. remove an upgrade and apply a new one once the slot becomes empty. In this case you need to wait 2 billing cycles for the new upgrade to be applied (1 cycle to be removed and 1 cycle to be applied).

    2. replace the current one with a new one. In this case it will be applied starting at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

    When you replace/remove an upgrade from your slot, it will go back to list of available ones and can be applied in the future.


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