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Hi everyone, I am interested in the beta tester program. However, I wanted to know how the service was like in Toronto. (E.g which network it uses, the speeds)

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    Hi @Sliji1

    Fizz is using partner network, therefore, you will not have any problem in Toronto.

    Do you know that with Fizz you have 15 days trial period?

    Cancelling during the trial period.

    Issuing you a refund is an essential component of our 15-day trial period. The trial period for members with an approved Proof of disability is 30 days.


    Trial period refunds apply only to your plan’s monthly payment. Additional expenses such as Add-Ons, Travel Add-Ons and other expenses made via your Fizz wallet will not be refunded.


    To receive your refund you must not have exceeded:

    The 15 days of the trial period (or 30 days for members with an approved Proof of disability);

    50% of the data included in your monthly plan (unless you are a member with an approved Proof of disability).


    If you respect the above criteria when you cancel your plan within the trial period, your cancellation request will be activated immediately and your refund will be done automatically.

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