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i want to ask about travel add on. Will travel to Italy only.

1 Once I sign up for say $10 for 1 gb data it will be active for usage immediately?

2 How do I turn off my Canadian calls, text, voice mail box and still have access to the travel data? Sorry I usually just turn on airplane when I travel and use free wifi at accommodations.

3 if I want more travel data, do I just find free wifi and log into Fizz and add more gb of data? Is there an option to add more than 1 gb?

4 has anyone used the travel data in Italy (Europe)? How’s the speed? Does it work properly?

Thank you in advance

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    Hi @Fanni

    1) yes, enable the data roaming

    2) you don't need to do anything, Fizz will not invoice it and they should not work, the incoming texts are free

    3) yes you can add when you need using the wifi

    4) When I travel to Europe I am use a local free, in Italy last time I got one fro 7.99 euro :D with 50Gb and included Canadian calls :D


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