How come pay per use SMS is charged twice?

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How come pay per use SMS is charged twice?

Destination number is 438 area code. I'm in Montreal with Canada coverage.

I sent only one SMS from an iPhone to an Android phone. Total 93 characters. It contains emoji not sure if this is the reason?

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    Hello catostrichpeaceful,

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community!
    I verified your account. Indeed if the total characters are 93 + a few emojis the limit for 1 SMS wasn't reached, reason why I opened a ticket for our technical team to verify on their end what happened. You can find the ticket in your Fizz account at: My plans -> My tickets and once it will be resolved, we will inform you via email as well.

    I am counting on your understanding and I wish you a good day,


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