VoLTE Questions from a Potential New Fizz Customer

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I live in the Montreal area. My cell phone plan with Koodoo will be ending this summer and am seriously thinking of switching over to Fizz.

However the Fizz VoLTE compatibility puzzles me and certainly makes me hesitate.

First of all, my phone Motorola Moto G Power 2021 shows up as VoLTE certified at T-Mobile, at AT&T and numerous other carriers.


It also appears as VoLTE certified at Videotron (which I believe owns and operates Fizz):


However my phone is not listed on your “Fizz VoLTE Certified phone list”.


Is this dependent on your Fizz Sim Card? If so, will it be updated when I join?

 If and when I switch over to Fizz, I intend on choosing Unlimited Canada and USA Minutes and Text Messaging plus 2 Gigs of Data.

Will I then be able to use my phone across Canada and USA even though it might not be listed in the Fizz compatibility list?

 Any insight would be very appreciated.

Thank you

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