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I was just curious what the requirements / circumstance is for receiving a phone discount perk. I signed up very recently right around the same time as a friend of mine (about a week apart), and they just received a $50 phone discount perk yesterday.

I have actually been planning to buy a new phone, so I wanted to know if I can expect one shortly (do you get one a few weeks after signing up), or if there was another reason my friend would have gotten one while I have not.

Thanks in advance for any info

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    I think those perks come after you have reached a certain level of points in the reward program. Maybe your friend got one by mistake?

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    Hi, there are several ways to receive discounts/gifts in our account. For example, an incentive gift to buy a new phone.

    In your case, recently subscribers mentioned receiving $50.00 at level 5, and $75.00 at level 7 for the purchase of a new device.

    To increase its level, it is linked to the number of points obtained in the My Rewards program.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    While I have read about customers getting discount perks at certain points/levels, this cannot be the case for my friend as he has only had an account for 2 weeks, and has not even activated his mobile plan yet (he is only level 1 and has 30points).

    he forwarded the e-mail he got to me it says :

    "No need to hunt for discounts, yours awaits.

    Treat yourself to the phone of your dreams. Because you're at level 1 in the My Rewards program, a nice perk for a $50 discount on the new or Preloved phone of your choice is waiting for you in your account."

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