Modem rebooting census.

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My problem started back in June 2022. The first modem started rebooting several times a day. After a week the modem just stopped connecting automatically so I had to power cycle it in order to get internet connection. Since June the modem has been replaced 3 times, the wall connector, the patch cable and the cable between the tech room and my apartment have been also replaced. The problem still axist. The modem reboots several time a day. The technician showed me his device with my disconnect logs. Not a day without 2 or 3 disconnects.


How many Fizz customers have the same issue with the modem rebooting daily?

How many times Fizz will replace the modem and how many tech visits is needed to find a solution for a connection issue?

Could be this issue related to Internet Speed Management that affects 120 and 200 MB/s plans?

Should I downgrade to 60 MB plan to get rid of ISM?

Please do not start with receptacles and power bars because everything was checked and no problems were found.

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    Hello Paulesco,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I can see that you already contacted our support team and someone is assisting you.
    Please continue the conversation there to have a solution provided as soon as possible. 

    Have a lovely day,


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    I had similar issue, only modem replacement helped.

    PS. My speed is 120/20

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    You replaced the modem 3 times, I believe that you have some problem with your power supply.

    Do you have the possibility to use an UPS to see if you solve the problem?

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    Did you read my message mate?

  • Paulesco
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    When and how does Fizz manage traffic on its network?

    Every 15 minutes, a system checks the traffic rate of each upstream channel (typically, one upstream channel serves a few dozen modems).

    If the traffic rate exceeds the threshold above which congestion occurs, the system identifies the 120 and 200 Mbps* modems in that channel that are uploading a large amount of data. The upload capacity of these modems is then given a low-priority rating. Based on the severity and time during which the congestion persists, the upload speed of these modems may then be slowed down.

    When the amount of data uploaded by the modems is diminished or the traffic on that channel reverts to a normal rate for which congestion is no longer an issue, the upload capacity prioritization will go back to normal, and speed is restored. Even when they are no longer prioritized, modems programmed for the 120 and 200 Mbps* access can use up all the upload bandwidth that other modems are not using, at a speed equivalent to their nominal speed.

    The measures described above are implemented on an ongoing basis.

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    You are so funny Jessy. An UPS for a stupid modem?

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    Hi @Paulesco

    You changed 3 modem, all the modems end up with the same problem, I really believe that the problem is in your electrical plug. It can be something that generate a spike, such a laser printer or similar connected in the same circuit.

    At least you are smiling :D

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    Jessy, the modems and cable have been replaced with no reason. All of them behaved the same. The issue is somewhere else. It is the Internet Management Policy or polizei or Stasi. This Fuzzy provider is good until you have a problem. I wish you a good "chatting" girl to move close to you and I will give you the same UPS and receptacle as a solution.

    Have a good one mate.

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