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Hi, I am unable to set up my new printer on wifi. I followed the troubleshooting that I found on the community, however, I am unable to use the wifi printing. What else I am able to do to make this work?

Thanks in advance for some support.

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    Thank you for your comeback. I imagine you have read all the recommended instructions in the user manual.

    Unfortunately, it still needs to be replaced.

    Hope you get another one that works well.


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    Hi Theresa, have you checked if the driver is installed on your printer? Open a word processor and click "print". Checked if your printer name appears in the print box at the top. Yes, select it. If not, go to this Canon page to download and install the driver.

    You will also find the user manual there.

    Here is a method to use your printer on wifi:

    Changing Printer Setting to Use Wireless Direct

    1. Check that printer is turned on.

    2. Press the OK button.

    3. Select Device settings.

    4. Select LAN settings.

    5. Select Wireless Direct.

    6. Select Advanced mode.

    7. Select Next. A confirmation screen to enable Wireless Direct appears.

    8. Select ON. The Wireless Direct is enabled and a device can be connected to the printer wirelessly.

    I hope this can be of use to you.

  • Theresa
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    Hi, thanks for the steps. I have forgot to mention it that I have done all these steps xxxxx times. I did also the troubleshooting that was proposed from somebody else on fizz community.

    This is really a miracle that the printer cannot be installed (it is brand new). I guess I have to bring it back to the store and request some help.

    Thanks anyways.

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    Hello Theresa 

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community!
    Indeed, if the WIFI is working on all your other devices, the issue is from the printer. Either the driver or the printer itself. You should visit the store and see if they can figure out where the issue is or replace the printer.
    We remain available 24/7 so for any internet/ phone services related issue please contact us anytime following the steps from this link:

    Have a good night,

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