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Internet is still down in Rosemère J7A area. When can I get it restored?

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  • fade
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    I have had an internet breakdown this morning , the led is showing that modem is searching downstream frequency ... so far no internet yet ...

  • Jarblaster123
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    I hate that there is no customer service. All I get is autogenerated messages saying obvious solutions to problems not related to outages caused by weather. I work from home so I need internet. If I can’t do what I need to do, I don’t get paid. I don’t get paid, I don’t pay fizz.

  • Dos
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    Same here, and I'm close to rosemere

  • Alexandre C. 61589
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    Same thing in Terrebonne J6Y. Lost service after 1 am (storms were done and we kept electricity, no idea..).

    I also want to point out the lack of any support or information about what is going on, if they are aware of the problem and when it should be back.

    - No landline internet service, usual restart doesn't work of course

    - Fizz website was in maintenance half the day this morning, unable to check

    - The status says everything is fine, but there is clearly regional outages still going on, so bull**** communications

    - The usual support chat just doesn't work today, clicking the button does nothing

    - I tried the Facebook messenger support and got no reply in ages beside the chatbot saying it will connect me to an agent...

    - The LTE service is really slow and poor at the moment (like 0.12mb/s). To be fair there might be congestion if a lot of people are using it, but there is basicly no fallback available.

    I also wfh and out of options beside blindly wait to get back the services I pay for. This is really poor service on their end. I'm thinking this is enough and might finally change provider.

    Best of luck to you Jarblaster123, i wish it will come back soon...

  • Amine H. #583
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    just called ********* new install Tuesday 9AM

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