Why does the tech support play like that

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I really think we should be able to contact directly the tech support, it would be more efficient. I have a problem and they created a ticket for me, but I don't know when my problem will be solve or if they have made any advancements

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    Good suggestion for urgent support.

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    Welcome to Fizz !


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    Hello Blackairforceenergy,
    I hope you are doing well.

    I'm sorry about the delay you encountered in the resolution of your ticket, and I can assure you that our best interest is to conclude the tickets and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. 

    We are always working on improving our customer service and the methods we use, and we are always learning along the way, at the same time with you. All we ask from you is your patience as our technical team is concluding the situation, and I can assure you that we can work things out together. 

    Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

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