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Hey everyone! why to activate a perk took so much time? like almost a month? and how to swipe a perk to another one?

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    Hi Tya

    a perks is activated immediatelly

    when a bonus will be activated on the next billing cycle if applied at least 2 days before the renewal.

    if you swap it or remove it, this will be done at the renewal :( this is the rule


  • Hello @Tya, Perks and Upgrades come in to effect the next billing period, it is how Fizz has these rewards set up. Changing Perks and Upgrades can require up to two billing cycles to remove and then add the ones you want active. The Fizz rewards program is not user-friendly. I suggest you (and others) complain directly to Fizz, the more people complain the more likely Fizz will make changes.

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    Hi @Clive

    you are a bit wrong, from this page, data perks for a mobile are avaiable at the activation, the rebate perks on the next billing cycle after the activation

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    The usual it will be activated the next payment cycle for your phone

  • Hello, my bad Jessy, I should waste more time combing over the specific nuances and inconsistencies of the Fizz rewards program.

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