POV on Fizz!



  • Don't know about anyone else. But I'm about ready to never touch this company again. I only have problems with them.

    My internet has been closed twice by them due to failure of payments. Which they never told me. Only sending me an email after the plan is suspended.

    The non existent customer service is fun to deal with also.

    I'd advice to just go with something that works and doesn't cut you off without you knowing your payment fails.

    Third rate company that's not worth investing money or time in. If it wasn't for the cheap internet this company would have already have been closed down for every shitty thing they do.

    Just go with bell or Videotron or any other cheap company. At least you'll be able to deal with a problem the day of. Not the week after.

  • mimillenium
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    I was thinking on going with their internet but thanks for your input I'll look into some others options!

  • Gowthrin
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    Better than the others imo, good perks, free goodies. whats not to like?

  • I’m 5 months in, and so far so good. Speed was slightly faster than advertised, small discounts as you remain a customer. No equipment to purchase or rent.

  • Christine
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    Bonuses, Roll over and data gifts are good and the price is ok too! So far I am satisfied with both internet and mobility plans.

  • Mataze
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    Make sure to understand what is really Fizz. It is not for everyone. Have been with Fizz for almost 1 year. Everything is good so far. Customer services, internet speed, mobile plan etc. I live northshore of Montreal and connection is pretty good. No issue here. I guess it depends where you live sometimes.

    Obviously, for having these prices, you need to cut somewhere. They don't offer "personnal services" and they dont have any offices like Bell or Videotron and sometimes, it can delay the speed of the answer or thelp to your question or inquiries.

    However, the community is huge and the forum helpful. There are different ways to contact them.

    You need to be a little bit autonomous and self-thaught.


  • Aether
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    For Fizz Mobile... as long as you don't require customer support and prefer a more self-directed experience it's perfect. The 20GB for $58 price is so much better than Robellus ($65).

  • Alexsolo
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    Absolutely no issues!

    I got my friend on Fizz, he had some trouble transferring his line from Videotron but it was resolved in a day.

    The minute there's catastrophic issues, I can always go see another provider with in person customer service to get my # transferred, but in all honesty, I don't see that happening.

  • brouleau21
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    Fizzer for 4 months now and completely happy. Gifting a lot, got some gifts that saved my month. and data rollover is great!

    Bonuses andrewards are also great.