POV on Fizz!

Hey Fizzers!

I'm opening a simple discussion in order to get some feedback on how your journey with Fizz is going. I've been a member for only a couple of months and was wondering about other members point of view.

Have some of you travelled while using Fizz? Are the bonuses worth it? What could potentially be upgraded/bonified?

Thanks for your replies!! 🕺



  • Emporium
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    I only have Fizz internet.

    Transition from my previous ISP was very smooth. No issues so far. Have been moderately active in the forums (as time permits), trying to help fellow Fizz members when I can, and so far, I have also accumulated another recurring $4/m off my monthly bill. Making my bill quite a bit smaller than when I was with my previous ISP.

    Since I already had my own elaborate network setup at home, with my own firewall appliance and 3 Wireless Access points, I only use the provided modem in Bridged mode, so all it's routing and wifi features are turned off.

    So far, no complaints.

  • When i'm at home with Fizz internet, some time I Have some random disconnection

    When i'm outside a I have to phone because Fizz is the only mobile provider that doesnt have eSIM 🤷

  • Fir myself, I only had trouble with wifi so I use my own router since 2 years no issue.

  • Deh
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    I haven't travelled so I can't say about that part, but i found the mobile hotspots a little slow. That's my only complain, the coverage is good enough (laurentides)

  • mostly positive!

  • Customer service may be somewhat mediocre, but otherwise I am happy with fizz

  • When travelling, I regretted not getting the travel add-on because I couldn't make or receive calls or texts and had to rely on whatsapp using wifi only. But part of why I didn't buy it in the first place was because it didn't have the ability to make calls even with the add-on, so I would have been using data the entire time anyway (this was to Europe). Otherwise, I've had no problems with my phone plan.

  • Getting the internet set up took a long time and the technician didn't show up the first two times, and we also couldn't book the appointment to have it until after our previous roommate had moved out because she had also been with Fizz.

  • Love it !

  • FizzJesus_4V43P
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    Hey peeps

    Fizz is making me feel like i have unlimited data I even have more then need. Been traveling a bit in Quebec and Ontario LTE+ was on all the way! The data gifting options is a nice feature to have. The that that rollover is great especially during this pandemic.


  • Mostly positive imo. Price is fair, rollover data is a bless and perks are great too! Currently paying under market prices because I made my plan a few years back

  • Thats some nice feedback. I agree with the customer service being a bit querky, but nothing's perfect. I was with Bell before and while it costed about the same price as with Fizz (I think fizz is about 1-2 $ more), the data rollover and the whole add-on are very interesting features. I wish they'd have faster internet deals (1G/s for example) to match their rivals on that part.

    Visual voice mail is also quite nice to have!

  • Doomdrou
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    How were you able to pay less with Bell? They are usually very expensive...

  • Agreed, my experience with Bell has been as negative as it gets, and the price is definitely on top of the list

  • They're really pricey, I agree. It seems it was just my luck to have been with them for so long. Left them because it was actually also a pain to keep my prices low as they would never stop calling to challenge my file. 😅

  • Doomdrou
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    Sometimes this negociation stuff becomes annoying. I prefer to get lower prices from the get go rather than painful repeat negociations.

  • Deh
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    I was with koodo and was trying to get lower prices (that would still be higher than what I currently have with Fizz) and they refused the 3 times I contacted them. I threatened to leave and they they're sorry to see me leave.

    I"m so glad I switched to fizz.

  • I'm in Gatineau and I only have internet and can't say I've been impressed so far.....cuts out periodically...never had that before.

  • Thank you!

  • jfmartel
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    So far so good but it's missing VoLTE and Wifi Calling!

  • For my part it is great.

    I was in Early adopters, so cheap plans for my phone's lines (25$ for a 1gb plan and 25$ for a 2gb plan). With the rollover, I have 5-6 gb available per month.

    I add internet. I'm satisfied for now.

    With all those plans I will reach level 7 soon and I was able to add 1gb/month per line , a 1$/month rebate for one line and a 7$/month rebate on my internet.

    So far so good.

  • Can't wait to travel and see how I can use my cell while on a trip but i'll have to wait after covid restrictions. I was with Virgin before and when i switched my internet to fizz they started to give me free gig for my cell for first time. I asked in the past when i saw better deals elsewhere and they didnt give me anything. If I would have gone back for home internet i would have got a 50$ visa. So it seems that Virgin is more generous for new customer then existing ones. Also their perks are not that interesting, other then the 2 for 1 at cineplex there's not much interesting.

    So far with fizz, i had to restart my modem at home a couple of times but other then that its going well. My cell no cut of cell service so far.

    One downside, the one gig plan is pricier then Public Mobile.

  • Vesper
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    Switched a couple months ago to Fizz after having to constantly deal with the Videotron customer service and spending hours on the phone trying to keep my bill down (it increased by more than 30% after some rebates ended although I had been with them for a few years). 😡

    For everyone who's comfortable with technology (and not depending on customer service/technical support), Fizz is sooo much better. Competitive prices, reliable network, not to mention the data perks and rebates on monthly bill almost from the start.

    Just can't get why there are not more people on it yet! 😲

  • It's been rock solid for me, but cellular and internet.

    Their WiFi router is not the best but I just use my own.

  • Just perfect

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    I will be.

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    level five

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  • Just perfect