New to Fizz

Hi guys,

I'm new to Fizz and still teying to figure out everything. Hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

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Have a great day

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  • Rydock
    Rydock Posts: 206

    Welcome!! 👍

  • ottowan
    ottowan Posts: 1

    Hello guys!

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    Help yourself.


    RICCO Posts: 57

    Mon codes de parrainage est le AFA8U vous avez des question contacter moi merci

  • Rydock
    Rydock Posts: 206

    Les codes de parrainage doivent être posté dans la section parrainage.. De plus la grande majorité des gens ici sont déjà membres!!

  • SkyHigh88
    SkyHigh88 Posts: 100

    @rydock thanks for the comment. I am aware there is another area where you can post your codes.

  • Ajaykumar
    Ajaykumar Posts: 34

    Welcome!! 👍

  • brouleau21
    brouleau21 Posts: 176

    Bienvenu parmi nous!