Level 5 is taking way too long

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What’s up guys and gals i have been with fizz for like 2 years and i am almost at level 4 and it’s gonna take me like 2 years to get to level 5 bc the more advanced level take more points. I kind need the data so like and answer my post for points and also if someone knows the faster way to level up tell me bc it’s gonna legit take me like 4 years for level 5

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    Hi @Vlad G. #21593

    The easiest way to get points is to be active on these forums. You get points for posting, you also get 50 points for making the best answer to someone else question.

    So helping fellow Fizz members can get you quite a few points also.

    Participate in the community, you will receive:

    • 3 points for replying to a question
    • 50 points for getting the first Best answer

  • Sickboy
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    You can give data away for points .

    The whole point is to make you stay with them to get the perks for your loyalty so obviously its not going to be after a 1year .

  • Feels like after level 5, 6 will really be unreachable. Anyway, still better than nothing I guess.

    So in short, just come here everyday and reply to 5-6 people.

    If this helps, please mark it as answered as I would like more points too 😅

  • Doomdrou
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    It's normal. Success is a long journey. Participating in the forum helps a lot, as well as giving data and participating in special events, such as the TelJeunes data gift fundraising campaign.

  • Sickboy
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    What about tel jeunes event

    I never got anything special out of it

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    PF_Ref_D2U9A gave you the best summary... and what you need to remeber is that the best two ways to earn more points is by spending more and refering people... Being active here and posting (like this post) is the snail way to grow... unless you are online 100% of your time, you answer each and every post out there and you are very good at it (best answers). the forum will only marginally grow you level...

    1) Spend $$$$

    2) Referal$

    Basically, give them more money and they will reciprocate :-)

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