What are some of your best tips and tricks?



  • Mlybish
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    Thanks to everyone, it helps me a lot to understand how that works 🤪

  • your welcome!

  • MyriamC
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    Enjoy, with Fizz, you will pay only for what you are using, you can tailor your plan according to your needs.

  • Isatis
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    Data gifting between family members can be useful to spend less overall (if you use 0.5Gb and one of your family member uses 1.5, you just have to both have a 1 GB plan)

  • Gowthrin
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    After the creation of your mobile plan or internet plan, cash in on upgrades to make sure you're getting the full benefit next month!

  • Great tips everyone. How many level are there and do the perks get better? I'm almost at level 2 and can't help but wonder...

  • Use multiple accounts for family members to maximise referral and get to level 5 asap!

  • 3 points !!

  • Doomdrou
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    The best way to get points fast is participating in the forum.

  • DarkC
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    Is there a comprehensive list of upgrades/bonus depending on levels somewhere?

  • My tip would be to not be afraid to share your promo code. You never known when a friend or colleague needs to change phone plans!

  • Doomdrou
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    Yes, and talk about Fizz to your colleagues and friends. The Fizz community is much larger than I thought and you may be surprised to know who is a "fizzer"...

  • Referrals!

  • Stay active!

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    There are 10 levels. Perks mostly get better, some get repeated.

    Perks also seem to differ, I'm level 2 but only got offered a 50$ rebate on a phone, not a 100$ like most are talking about.

  • Just join. Welcome

  • each post earn 3pts

  • Sam_Y
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    Also, if you're not into participating in forums but still want to level up, just sticking to paying the bills gives you points! You get 10 points per dollar in your bill.

  • MarkC
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    I just referred my family to join and we each got referral of $100 bonus.

  • Doomdrou
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    Referral is a good way to get points, but I am almost at level 3 and did not even complete my first month yet, without any referrals!

    The key to getting points is to participate often in the forum discussions and look at the different offers Fizz mentions. Try to get the most of these offers, and your points will skyrocket.

    Also, do not forget to give data if you can, this will give you points and badges on the long run.

  • kkl
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    Use My Wallet instead of Add-on. The amount in wallet doesn't expire and you can get minutes and SMS for occasional use.

  • LaGli
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    Ça fait un petit bout de temps que je suis avec Fizz et je viens de découvrir le forum car je voulais en apprendre plus sur les niveaux. C'est génial... beaucoup d'informations et d'entraides ici.! 😁

  • Sickboy
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    Welcome to the group lots of info here and you can always ask questions

  • Best tricks: read the extreme geeks posts and comments in the community!

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    Beautiful !

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    Each post earns you 3 points.

  • samukai
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    That’s great!