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I transfer my mobile number out few months ago but the question is I would like to transfer it back to FIZZ so the question is if I reactivate my service can I get the $100 referral bonus? if is so you can give me your CODE to add it when re-activating. If is not then oh well still will re-activate lol.

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    Hi HW

    To transfer your number to Fizz, you will need to activate a new mobile plan.

    If you kept your old Fizz SIM card, you can reuse the same card to activate your new plan. If you need a new SIM card, they are available at participating Couche-Tard shops -

    You can use the referral code only when activating the first plan of your account.

    What level is your current account? If you are at least level 5, then you already have 3 of those upgrade slots to use.

    If you choose to open a new account (using a different email address), feel free to use my referral code. We will both receive $100 credit if you activate by December 3rd.

    Thank you for considering to use my referral code (please check my username). 🤗

    Welcome back to Fizz!


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