Today me and friends both porting number to videtron

Hello all

Today 1pm me and friends both porting number to videtron, he port from fido, few hours later every thing go well

but my part, the new videotron sim no service after 6hours

before port , my fizz accout was activated , 1hour after videotron give me new SIM card , i received

Email from fizz “sorry to see you go’, and fizz sim change to no service

Then. I put videotron SIM card in the phone , until now no service

any one can help me


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  • Whizz
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    Hello meizhen,

    I am sorry to hear that you left Fizz. 
    I just verified your account and I can see that the transfer to Videotron is complete. 
    Please contact them for further investigation as our members suggested. 
    Hope you get this fixed soon.

    Have a lovely day,


  • Philemon24
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    Hi @meizhen

    If you're leaving Fizz, then it's up to the new provider to take charge of almost everything. You should contact Videotron. Don't hesitate, it's the same company ;-)

  • brouleau21
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    Yup, all on the Videotron side now. Good luck.

  • update

    I called videotron yesterday ,they reactived my Sim card ,everything are ok now .

    thanks to all of you

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