Why do I get error 38 ? cant send sms

Everything was fine until tonight. error 38. cant send cant receive sms text messages. I rebooted 4 times. nothing. any ideas ?

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  • furbo
    furbo Posts: 4

    that did not work... same no texts in or out ....

  • I'm also hearing other reports of Error 38.

    Any description of the error that could point to the cause?

  • furbo
    furbo Posts: 4

    Sms texts nothing coming nothing going out. Phone, apps all updated and restarted. Even updated fizz network infos....

  • me and my 2 other friends have the same exact problem...somehow we can still receive code confirmation from services... but nothing else will go through.

  • kingTheod
    kingTheod EarthPosts: 84
    edited November 2021

    i keep reading posts here and i see so many complaints from users about the service,

    i might be really lucky bc everthing has worked smoothly for me in the last 2 y !.

    in rare case, my sms get stuck, in this scenario, i reboot my phone and service is back...

    i do have a "old" phone, i mean not a flagship high-end smartphone but a very entry level phone i bought at walmart for less than 150 bucks...

    What's my point ? well, some posts -sometimes- do not necessary translate what you may experience at Fizz...

    when everything goes well, folks dont come here, they just enjoy their service !

    when someting goes wrong, expect someone to post here and -legitimately- make a complain !

    all in all, fzz service is efficient !

    in early 2019, it went sour so many times ! no longer now 👍️

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