RMA a phone, but Canada Post says the return code is invalid.

Processed a warranty repair ticket with Fizz to send my Samsung phone in for repair. It just suddenly started to get into a reboot cycle.

Fizz sent me a return code but when I went to the post office, Canada Post said it's no longer valid. I went the same day the code was issued so it's not that it was expired.

Fizz agent opened a ticket to investigate but it's been a week and they still do not have any updates on the ticket. Contacting an agent only provides me with a standard, "sorry for your wait, please be patient while our team investigates the issue". They can't tell me how long this will take to fix this return code issue, so I'm just expected to wait indefinitly.

This is pretty maddening. First its super hard to find an agent chat link, then the answers they provide are essentially useless. This is pretty poor.

Does anyone else have an idea how I can get warranty service? Can I go direct to Samsung?


  • StefanM
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    Have you tried to ask the agent to open a new return (ie, send you a ew return label?). Maybe he can do that instead of you having to wait until they resolve the ticket/

  • MyriamC
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    I think your only option is to contact Fizz again by chat and maybe request to escalate the issue ? They should provide a new return code (and one that will work this time)

  • Whizz
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    Hello SamSF,

    I am sorry to hear about this situation.
    I have verified and indeed the ticket is still under investigation.
    I just update it and asked our team to speed up the process.
    We will contact you right away via e-mail as soon as we have any updates. 
    I apologize again for the delay and inconvenience.  

    Have a lovely day,

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