What ping/latency would I be getting w, w/lo ethernet if I signed up for the 60mb/s D and 10mb/s U?

I am currently with virgin mobile. My experience has not been very good with them. I am trying to find another internet service provider. Now, I have 50mb/s download and 10mb/s upload. The internet has been unstable. Some days it's good, and some days it gets really slow. My main concern is the ping. I am a pc gamer and want the lowest ping possible for competitive gaming. I currently have 24 ping, which I do not want to have, and Virgin cannot do anything about it. Does Fizz have lower ping, as stated in the question above? 

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    Fizz is using the Videotron's network. I have 120/20 and my ping is 16 ms on wifi with my computer but I think it all depends on where you are located.


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    I also have the 120/20 profile and my pings are pretty nice.

    Just ran a speedtest from my laptop.

    Oh ya, and this is wired, since all my devices are wired in my home. My phone on WiFi, I tried 2 or 3 times and I get 12ms/13ms.

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    I also get around 9-11ms when I ping Google's DNS ( using a wired connection.

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    Wired through a device performing fq_codel QoS, I see the full 120/20 with 9ms ping.

    I could probably push it towards 134/22, at the risk of more variable latency.

    The best way to check latency is with dslreport speedtest.


    The BufferBloat measurement will tell you how variable your lag is.

    The higher the number, the worse the jitter (lag variance).

    That's why I sacrifice a little ultimate speed for much better consistency by using fq_codel QoS.

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    not bad to be honest

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