How is Fizz so good?



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    Usually I say you get what you pay for, but with Fizz it has been a pleasant surprise. Great price, decent network. A few hiccups along the way, but always resolved through chat. THANKS FIZZ

  • It has probably to do with the style of client Fizz is targetting: yournger, tech-savy, trendy persons that played videogames at some point.

    I thing the whole "experience" is fun in that aspect.

  • Giantlaw

    I switched from chatr to see how fizz compares so far so good.

  • fizz is the best

  • Virgin is so not as good as Fizz on prices and their only perk is a chance to Win some perks or rebates with partners that i never won in 7 years. They also dont reward loyal customers. With fizz at level 1 I already have a 1$ rebate on my internet. I realy like the business model of fizz.

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    Fizz is owned by Videotron. They are shipped because they do not offer support with phoe nor have they shops. so the service is not as best as the one of Videotron, You are paying for what your get for...

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    Fizz offers flexible plans at good prices. Even if you purchase a discounted phone, you are not tied to a specific mobile plan. You can change your plan monthly as you want. The best parts are the extra rewards - free data, data sharing, rollover of data for 2 extra months, and more.

    My favourite has to be the referral program. We will both receive $50 for signups until September 30. 😊

  • I agree !!

  • Yeahhhh !!!

  • Fizz is a Videotron flanker brand just like Koodo for Telus or Fido for Rogers. It allows them to offer a cheaper product to price conscious customers without cannibalizing their own customer base.

    They set it up in a way that caters to younger people. So customer service is online, no voice, and to keep the cost conscious businesses away, they restrict to certain addresses and also delay quick responses that a business could not tolerate.

    But it all ends up in Videotron shareholder pockets eventually.

    However, Videotron is effective competition to RoBelUs. When I hear lobby groups pushing for 50Mbps for $50/month plans to be available across Canada, I sit back and realize that my 120Mbps $50 plan (now $47) is not so bad.

    Could they be better. I certainly hope so. That will allow for a competitor to emerge.

    Once the CRTC allows for MVNOs...

  • interesting thoughts

  • 100% I’ve tried most carriers my companies use bell right now, service is good but expensive, fizz cut costs by not having a call centre which is quite smart, and by making sure everything works and intuitively well, that’s the future not calling Rogers for hours to figure out why they charged me $50 overlimit fee

  • Gosh I have so much to rant about Rogers, just because they’re big corporation and they think they can do whatever and there will be customers. True part of it, but I highly doubt their model will be sustainable if they aren’t oligopolies

  • Same with Bell

  • I would say though, fizz is so refreshing, their prices are the most down to earth, Fido has iPhone 13 the price is 45$ higher than Apple their own, not even sure where that came from, I calculated the difference, I’d have to pay $500 more to Fido in 2 years if I just buy outright and stay with fizz that’s the difference

  • i Also love their reward model which is part of why I’m typing these answers now lol for that 50 points more to another level!

  • i think the rewards are really what makes you stick with fizz not some corporate discount or coupon which we all know the networks got them for free just because it benefits the stores they promote. Fizz actually give you $2 off internet if you reach certain levels

  • Which is amazing because

  • My partner had fizz since the beta phase and he get 5 fb gift from fizz every month so he doesn’t really need to pay anything for data yet we all know the profit margin for telecommunication companies are so high that even though he pays 25$ for no data plan they still rack up tons of profit but also he won’t ever need to change to another company

  • So it’s a win win

  • Gotta say as a quasi startup company like fizz the business model is very neat and smart

  • Love fizz! Hope it never changes in a bad way

  • If I have anything to suggest for fizz it’s the mobile website- it’s quite lagging and buggy, too much motions and I think there’s something rootedly wrong about their codes it’s just not a very good user experience although still better than most

  • Also would love to have a fizz app

  • That would be awesome to pay all your bills on the app and check your Internet and rewards as well

  • Wouldn’t mind the community still stays on the internet tho

  • Bell truly sucks indeed

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    I tried every major player alongside their respective “junior” brands as well as a few low-cost carriers.

    I must admit Fizz really surprises me, as the whole infrastructure is reliable with a fun side experience, such as the rewards or even the forum community.

    I know Fizz is the “junior” brand of Videotron, but it has a charm other flankers do not have. I will probably stay with Fizz for quite a time.

  • I'm curious, how does Fizz compare to TekSavvy? They've been mentioned in the comments a few times.

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    Fizz all the way IMHO