How is Fizz so good?

Ok hear me out.

Videotron is absolute garbage. Bell is absolute filth. Most internet/phone network providers try so snort your money out of every hole you have.

Fizz feels like a polished transparent glass sheet that everyone respect, but how? What is going on?

Is Fizz business model transparency and stability to replace Videotron and Bell?

If so I'll make Fizz my religion because every company should be like this



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    Agreed! Will this new paradigm replace the old? I sure hope so!

  • Honestly, I'm new here like 1 day old, but I already meet a lot of issues with their website, Bad UI at some place, bad z-index in the CSS at other place, local storage is full of useless stuff, the annoying popup asking me to install the PWA.

    The lack of feature for mobile is also problematics, no Wi-Fi calling support.. I currently have a old phone, but juste for that my girlfriend wont transfert to Fizz since we live in a half-basement and the mobile signal is really bad.

    I appreciate the good price for the Internet, I transfert from TekSavvy and it's only because my student status and low incomes make me choose for a better price for more speed.

    People and easy forum interface with fidelity points from interaction is what make Fizz great, so mainly their own customer.

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    Special. I never had any issue with the CSS.

    Been here for 2 years and I noticed only one mistake on the pricing CSS display more than a year ago, and its fixed since, I didn't even report it.

    We really have a different experience. By the way, don't even look at local storage, most huge websites are way worst than this, just go on videotron or bell's website, its gonna be 50 times worst.

  • Price still expensive compare with all oooother countries in that f.. world ... Otherwise yep is ok

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    If you really care about price, use fizz, otherwise no.

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    Thanks for the information!

  • Fizz is Videotron and they are really trying to compete with the others. They are doing an amazing job.

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    Most people take fizz for its price.

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    Or for the bonuses.

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    Have a good day.

  • I agree

  • With Yourboi

  • And I love...

  • Bonuses.

  • Have a great day.

  • Hi Kevin P, hope you have a great day too.

    I think fizz is great if your know your stuff.

  • Thanks

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    Anyone is able to get a better price that the current 9gig for 39$? If you include the -1$ perk, it's 38$ for 9 gigs?

  • Yeah for the moment in canada, difficult to beat.

  • I like ebox for internet but not seeing anything close in mobile. I'm all ears!

  • Agree. Fizz is the only provider I found that offers data-only plan for decent price (cheap price, but I don't wanna write this as they will see potential for increasing price haha)

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    Agreed we are way too expensive compared to other countries (monoloplies don't help), but not really fair to compare considering our population density. A lot of the pricing is to subsidize the crazy costs to run infrastructure to many rural areas where in many cases they lose money building the infrastructure, which is why many rural areas still have no infrastructure and forced to rely on alternate means to get internet.

    Fizz internet pricing is definately more competitive than most others. I was lucky and my installation was super smooth. But they do need to do something to improve the many technician install "no shows" that are being reported. Fizz, and the installation technicians all belong to Videotron. So why do they not try to imporve this, or at least better communication to people they are forced to change appointments on.

    For Mobile, it all depends on the type of user. I am a very light user, and don't use much data. I find something like PM is cheaper for my usage style. PM however has data only at 3G speeds (pefectly fine for me since I don't use it much, but for some it is not). So it depends on usage style/needs.

  • Sorry but you wrong about "pricing is to subsidize the crazy costs to run infrastructure to many rural areas where in many cases they lose money building the infrastructure" it's an excuse from Canadian provider to maintain the price.

    You can compare with Australia, this country is the most comparable to Canada : Low population, Cities only close to coast, big country... and Internet and mobile plan price is 2 to 3x lower than us... (finland and sweden too)

    The only real reason for the crazy Canada prices is monopole and wrong politics choises taken in 2000's

  • Honestly I switched to Fizz a couple of months ago and now I'm never switching. Videotron is definitely bad but have you ever used Freedom everything from service to tech support all the way to their website it's actually unbelievable that people stick with them.

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    Try PCMobile (as in PResident's Choice mobility). Network is fine, since they use Bell's network. BUT, everything else is a joke. When you do manage to talk to someone, they are clueless. And there is no web site to log in and check/do anything.

    Wife lost her phone a while back. Sh!t happens. I already had a spare PCMobile Sim card and still had her old phone. So I took the new SIM card, called up PCMobile, and they could NOT transfer her account to a new sim card. Apparently, a bug in the system. They could activate new cards, but not transfers. They said it may take up to a week to sort it out. Crazy. Then a week goes by, no call back, and still nothing. I call them back, and they say their system is still not working, it would be another 2 or 3 days. 3 days later, still nothing.. Call back, and I start getting aggressive, and asked for a refund of the balance on my account and I was taking my business elsewhere. I asked to speak to a manager. Put on hold for 20 minutes, and then they come back and tell me that the manager managed to find a workaround, so it should be active shortly. It was a prepaid account, so I asked to at least extend the expiry by at least 3 months (since I had a large balance and was expiring in 2 weeks). After a little arguing about being left with no cell service for 2 weeks, they finally agreed. Managed to go through the remaining balance in the extra time extension, an then I ported out. Way too incompetent.

    And during the transfer process, they wanted the IMEI number of the phone. But not the last phone used, or the previous one that was lost. But the very first phone she had ever used on the plan.. Get real. Had to call dreadful customer service, to get the account number.

  • I feel Fizz customers are on two different sides of the scale when it comes to their experience but personally, I've been using it since they were still in beta and 95% of the time I enjoy using the service. Cheap price with data rollover and gifting plus upgrades you can get. I've talked to customer service once at the beginning and they solved my issue pretty quickly and haven't had to contact to them since. If you're not a super picky person when it comes to phone services then Fizz a good choice.