How much time did it take you to receive your phone when buying with Fizz?

Kurt V.
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So I have been waiting for two weeks to get the phone I ordered from Fizz (even though it says 2-5 days). I sent them a few messages to find a solution but they just keep sending me copy/pasted answers. They aren't giving me any info and I find that waiting two weeks is not an acceptable delay to receive the phone, especially when I was counting on it arriving in 2-5 days as they stated. So has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Whizz
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    Hello Kurt V.,

    We're sorry for the situation and we fully understand you.

    After checking your account, I see that a ticket has been escalated towards our technical team for further investigation on the matter.

    If you need further information related to your account, I invit you to contact us privately.

    Thanks and have a good one. :)


  • StefanM
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    Usually it doesn't take longer than that. 10 Business days should be the maximum. Most of the time it's delivered within the week. I think what might happen right now is that delivery service are overwhelmed.

  • Emporium
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    I heard many people taking 2 weeks. Takes 2-5 days often just to "process" the order.

  • GizzFizz
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    I’m curious too. I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro last week and it said 2 to 5 days as well. Based on the shipping delays Apple is dealing with for this phone I would be shocked to get it in that time frame, but 🤞there shipping info is up-to-date. In the past Fizz has always been really good at shipping stuff quickly.

  • Kurt V.
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    So when you log into your fizz account, you can see that your order "is being prepared"? Mine has been stuck at "order confirmed" for two weeks. Did you buy with Paybright?

  • st33v3
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    I guess it depends where you live?

  • user405
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    I have been waiting 5 weeks now and same generic answers without any explanation.

  • Pppp
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    It took me 3 days!

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