My signal switch from LTE to 4G when calling

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I'm a new user with Fizz mobile. I switched from koodo this week.

My signal switch from LTE to 4G during calls and the internet response becomes slow during calls.

Is that normal on Fizz?

On koodo, it was 100% on LTE all the time whether I'm on calls or idle. And the internet response doesn't change at all during calls

My phone is compatible with Fizz (Samsung note 10 plus)


  • Mike
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    I never noticed that, but it can be from the fact that Fizz is using only one band for the LTE

    edited: During the call I switched in 3G with a download of 6Mbps

  • Yourboi
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    Thank you

  • Emeric-Valentine
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    Yep doesnt have voLTE

  • Lasmar
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    It happens to me too sometimes.

  • SittingRam
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    it’s because as of now, fizz doesn’t have access to VoLTE (voice over LTE). Most carriers do. Perhaps one day fizz will as well.

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