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Hello, 2 days left in my billing cycle and I have 4 Gb of data to gift. Please post your referral code below and how much data you are looking for and the reason you need additional data. Some lucky posters will receive a data gift from me. Fizz Gifting ❤️


  • EdytaL
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    whatever you want to give :)

    I use a lot to FaceTime with family from an other country.

    thank you !

  • ATH34 :) thank you for your generosity!! I’ll use it to text my girlfriend:) I’m on a trip for 23 days and I found myself using a bit more data than planned

  • Oh and also give whatever you want but not too much, keep some for the other people in need:))

  • Im lookin for 500MB if possible.

  • zev D.
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    I'm really tight with data for this month, As I'm still waiting for the fizz home internet installation, If you can help with some extra data I would really appreciate it.



  • RyHi
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    Edyta and Simon each received 1 GB from me, actually, this is Simon's 2nd. Zev it says you do not have a data plan and cannot receive data. Michael, no referral code so I cannot send.

  • Hi 😊

    Are you still looking for someone to make him happy with a gift? You got him right here 😊

    My referral code is:


    Should I leave my phone number in here for you? Haven't been gifted so far so I don't know yet.

    Much appreciated 😊👌🙏

  • Gillesr1
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    Hi there

    if out of luck you still had some data you would save me....there was no wifi were we went on vacation and I had to use my phone all the time for some work and I am sooooo short in data as I have.... 38 Mbs left 😅

    Here is my referral code in case JWA1P

    Thanks either way JWA1P

  • RyHi
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    Overlord_8 and Gillesr1 just received 1 GB each. I am now out of gifting Data. Thank you!

    Gillesr1, no need to leave number, only referral code to be gifted data.

  • Gillesr1
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    Thank you so much..... I thought that was was I did, didn't I? :)


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