"Roaming" and data not working while connected to fizz while far from the city in the country

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I was camping this weekend and I was the only one from my friends that couldn't use internet. My phone turned into "roaming mode" and I was connected to a network called something like "Fizz Ext" but still not working.

Now that I'm back I'm looking for the reason why and realized that my APN was set to media.videotron (I never set it up but 4G data was working around Montreal). Now that I set it to mobile.bm and everything else as required will it work next time?

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    Hello Lmmfizz,

    Thank you for your message and we're sorry to hear this. Certain zones are covered by our partners which can always be checked on our page: https://fizz.ca/en/coverage In those zones, to be able to have service, it is indeed needed to have roaming enabled and you will be connected to Fizz EXT/partner network. For more useful information on how our partner networks connection works, you can also take a look at our page: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/partner-networks

    If in the future, when you're in such an area there's still a situation encountered even with roaming on and connected to Fizz EXT, please contact us on any channel you'd like: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us so we can be able to help.

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    Make sure your phone has activated the option "Automatically select network". It should update automatically your APN when it connects to the partner networks.

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    That wasn't it since I was on select "network automatically"... My APN was named videotron instead of fizz so I'm thinking maybe that's it.

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