Why am I paying for 60 mbps download speed...

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I have 2 questions:

  1. Im paying $50 a month for 60 mbps download speed and 10mbps upload. The fizz test doesn't work, I used the videotron test instead. Highest number ive seen so far is 22 mbps download and 8 upload... Nothing is downloading. I ve reconnected the cable, off and on again, checked the coaxial cable too. I'm connected with a cable to my modem and thats what im getting... please HELP.
  2. This is more of a comment... your website is confusing as hell... saying you have "Chat" but dont really have a "chat" is baffling. Looping around in the same 3 pages... Fix your site, fizz... And when I call videotron, they tell me go on the chat... If this is what fizz calls a chat, Im not a fan....

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    Have you tried rebooting the modem?


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