I have used multiple broswers, chrome, edge, brave and i still cannot adjust my plan?

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are you guys able to adjust your plan? what is happening? why can't i change my plan? i never installed anything on edge for extension and edge is not working. i have also tried using ingognito on chrome still nothing. when i click my plan it loads, and its a blank screen.my plan has been renewed as of today's date. edit.

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    Hello ashry,

    The reason you were not able to change your plan yesterday was due to the fact that you were within the last 48 hours of your payment cycle and in this time period you cannot register such orders. If you wish, you can register the plan change now.

    For more details, please take a look over:


    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good one.

    Catalin D. 


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    Have you tried letting it load, I have a fast connection but the website is always a bit slow so maybe it just takes a long time

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