I have home internet account, want to add mobile plan AND use $50 referral, no place for code?

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I have a SIM card I ordered a couple of months ago. Also tried opening a new and separate account, but says SIM card assigned to another user. That part makes sense. So why am I not able to use a referral code in adding a mobile plan?


  • Referral codes are applied when you order your SIM card. When you will activate that SIM card, the reference code will apply to your account (with the activated SIM card).

    Hope this helps

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    Hello ps1 

    I am sorry to hear about this situation. 
    I just verified and it seems that you already have an internet plan active on this account. 
    The referral code can be applied one time per account and only for the first plan you create. 
    Here you can find more information: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-invite-friends-to-join-fizz

    Regarding the SIM activation, the code should be ready to use after 2 hours from your last attempt.
    If by any chance it's still not working please contact our support team to verify this: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us

    Have a lovely day,

  • ps1
    ps1 $50 referral code--> ZTS64Posts: 7

    I have not activated the SIM card as I would like to use a referral code to ADD a new mobile plan (i.e. transfer from another provider). If I am unable to use the referral code there is very little point in switching providers. The other is stable, and Fizz's plan keeps going up every time I look at the plans, every couple of months.

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    You cannot refer yourself on the same account for a new service. If you want the referral bonus to yourself, you have to open a 2nd account and it should work, but you will also accumulate points slower because of that (and combining accounts later on is probably troublesome).

  • Pete
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    I was thinking also that the referral code is per service, but unfortunately it is per account.

  • ps1
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    I gathered that, opened a new account and tried to activate the SIM that I had ordered a couple of months ago. Wouldn't you know, it says it "is assigned to another member". As I mentioned, I will only switch providers if I can use the referral, otherwise I would be changing 4 quarters for a dollar. What is really starting (actually started a good while back) to get on my nerves is the fact that there is no way to reach a human by phone at Fizz. Yes, I even tried Messenger and other options they prefer, never received a response. Occasionally I have had a person way in by email or some form, but that is usually a 'canned' answer. Frankly, in 2021 if you don't have top notch, personalized service, you're going to have a time of it, because your competitor will. At this point, if I am unable to reach Fizz to switch the SIM card assignment to my 'new' account, I'm likely going to pull the plug on the home internet as well. This type of customer service is simply rubbish. Their reliance on the Solution Hub and whatnot is having their clients do their work for them. For free. Oddly, it seems to be working for them.. just doesn't work for me.

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