Reactivation old sim?

If i reactivate my deactivated sim again will i get the same charges as i was getting before with that sim or revised rates?


  • Mike
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    Hi Aakash

    No sorry
    You are going to pay your actual price, since it will be considered as new plan


    When you cancel your Fizz plan, you lose:

    All the Perks, Upgrades and Points associated with your account
    Any unused data that you could have rolled over or gifted to another Fizz member
    Use the rewards and benefits accumulated in your Fizz account before cancelling your plan. Make the most of them by gifting your data and activating your Perks before you go!

    If you leave Fizz, you will also lose the referral bonuses that are waiting in your account. If you reactivate your plan within the 30 days following your deactivation, however, you’ll get them back.


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Aakash

    How long has your plan been suspended? When was the last payment?
    For more information on how to check your transactions, you can take a look at this FAQ page:

    If your plan has been suspended less than a month, you should be able to make a manual payment on the existing plan to reactivate with your old rate plan:

    If your plan was suspended more than a month, you will need to activate a new plan:
    Unfortunately in this case, you will need to pay at the current plan rates.
  • StefanM
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    No, unfortunately you get the new charges
  • If you canceled your old plan you wont be entitled to it again
  • chiriko
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    That's the unfortunate thing with grandfathered offers - once you let it go you can't get it back.
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