New features I would like to see in 2021

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What new features you would like to have, hoping that Fizz can be inspired by our requests

Me I hope Fizz would bring these

For mobile
- Wifi calls
- Visual voicemail
- Calls outside of Canada and the US
- Possibility of giving, within the same account, data to a plan without data
- Modify the voicemail menu to improve it
For residential internet
- IPTV (minimum news channels)
- Possibility of using a personal modem (like other providers, give 2 or 3 models)
For both services
- give us at least 1 day of grace if there is a problem with the payment, or anticipate the payment by one day
- A private page in our account to see the service status in real time of so
- Highlight the referral code, maybe before the total
- Have a code for each plan for data exchange without the need of sending the phone number or email
- Empower first level customer service
They're not in order, and what you would like to see?


  • Sharpie22
    Sharpie22 Posts: 401 ✭✭
    Those are all awesome recommendations
  • cristi
    cristi Posts: 223 ✭✭
    I would love to see more options when you setup your monthly plan.
    For voice I would love to see like 3 levels of minutes included: 100 / 300 / unlimited.
    Also for SMS I would do 3 options.
    I would love to see the WifiCalling on Fizz.
    If we have LTE+, I hope will have 5G on Fizz too.
    All the best and Happy New Year friends !
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