Change company

I changed for bell but did not receive the text message for numéro transfer


  • Why did you change?
  • How long did you waited ?

    If you don't get after a few hours, you should go back to Bell instead of fizz as they are the one who will make the request for the transfer.

    There is a chance the request never reached fizz, if that is the case they will send another one.
  • MichelP
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    I hope you'll get better service with Bell. I'm not sure.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Vincent,
    We're sincerely sorry to hear this. I checked your account and saw the line is still active with us, it hasn't been transferred yet. We can suggest checking with Bell to ensure the right information was provided and they were able to submit a request for the transfer. If they mention everything is alright on their side regarding this, please reach out to us so we can be able to further help:
    In the meantime, you can also check our page: to see what information would be needed to provide to the other carrier.
    Have a wonderful day!
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