One bill for multiple accounts?

Our organization currently has 5 accounts for which we receive 5 separate bills at different dates. Can we merge the accounts into a single bill? We would like to add 6 additional phone numbers but only if all 11 (total) accounts can be merged into a single billing account.


  • Thanks everybody. I'll contact Fizz support.
  • LemonHead
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    Pretty sure you can't
  • JoanMr
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    Did you find an answer to your question? If so, you can choose the “best answer” so this topic can be closed :)
    If not, please let us know
    Thanks !
  • Billy N. #35415
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    Hello, you can contact fizz through live support, facebook messenger or twitter, they have been really helpful!
  • Gilles
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    Wow, this question has been open for 3 months, chezzwizz what are you doing?!?
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