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Hi everyone,  



Yup, already another “WhatDaYaThink”. Do you have another quick 5-minute for us? Your feedback is always useful, and this time we’re looking to get your thoughts on our Fizz Wi-Fi app.   






The Fizz team 



  • Thank you for the update
  • NvK
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    Is there a way to see which band is being used by every device connected (2.4 or 5) ?
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Nvk,

    Not sure why you posted your question here and not in new post.

    I think if you go to and logon, you will find your answer there.
    Go to "Wireless" menu, "Access Control" tab. Under Connected Devices section, click on the "Show" button.
  • NvK
    NvK Posts: 30
    Sorry I'm still learning how to use this forum properly.
    I had just completed the survey and wanted to ask the question.
    Thank you for you answer and ill make sure to make a new post in the future instead!
  • Submitted a response! The speed test functionality always gives me and error, but I also don’t follow all the recommendations (only device connected to network, no other applications running). Also wish there were easy settings for scheduling wifi on/off.
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