Modem consistently losing WAN connectivity after exactly 24 hours of up-time

I'm losing Internet connectivity every 2-3 days at the same time of day. Each time, when I connect to the modem I see that the WAN up-time has been reset to 00:00, and the LAN up time is a multiple of 24h.
I have a friend who also report being disconnected consistently at the same time each 1-3 days.
I think there's a bug in the way FIZZ or Hitron modems are configured. Instability occurs consistently at multiples of 24h of uptime on this network / on those modems. Problems that occur at a fixed frequency like that are unlikely to be anything else than a configuration issue.
Within the "cusadmin" there is no option to change the frequency of networking events like DHCP renewals. This problem must be on FIZZ side to fix.
I think that I will manually reset the modem at 3 AM (time at which I'm not using FIZZ services usually). This will at least make sure that the bug is triggered during night time, and NOT in the middle of a meeting with my boss / during work hours!


  • Thanks for the question
  • Same, but two three times a day. Support has been useless. Been asking for help for a few days, they respond hours later and tell to do useless things.
  • Lately I had many WAN connectivity problems that were not aligned to multiples of 24h of up-time. It seems more and more random. I just had one, my WAN connection had 20 hours of up-time.
    This is becoming a huge issue. Working from home requires more stability than this. I can't afford being disconnected in the middle of a server maintenance (I'm working in IT) or a meeting. I'm giving support a last chance. If it doesn't help I'm moving away from fizz ASAP.
  • @Jonathan, same also working in IT. Connection died this morning while I was in the middle of a meeting. Did you get visited by a technician yet? If so did they do anything. I managed to get a chat bubble earlier and have a visit scheduled for tomorrow. The problem is that it works fine most of the time, then out of nowhere disconnects. So I'm not sure what a technician can do other than replace a modem which will likely appear to be working at that moment.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Jonathan,
    I apologize for the situation that you have experienced while you've tried to use your services.
    After having a look at your account and connection, from our end everything seems to be in order and working as it should.
    For further investigation and help, I suggest you, as other members suggested, contact our support department.
    Our contact methods can be found over the link
    Have a nice day.
    Nicolae Bogdan
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