Why have I been charged?

Is it normal that I have been charged for my internet even though it is not activated yet? I am supposed to activate it at the end of the month


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    Yes it’s normal, Fizz offers prepaid services prepaid from your credit card
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    Hi Olivier! Thanks for your question!
    Yes, this is normal. Fizz is a prepaid service, so the company charge the first month on the subscription date. But your normal billing cycle will start when the technician will give you the modem and assure internet works.
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    Hi Olivier!
    Your billing issues is resolved? :)
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    @Mathieu 5 mins after the previous post :')
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    "It’s good to take advantage of the break to come and collect easy points." It seems to me.
    Many of us are working on multiple screens (real work and Community), to troubleshoot customers as quickly as possible.
  • Thank you, that answers my question!
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    the first month , you will be charged the moment you apply for the internet but after that , the payment needs to be done at every billing cycle.
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