Internet come and go?

Aleesa Posts: 2
Hello! I need help. I have fizz internet. I am the only person in my house using the internet (which means I have 2 connected devices with a 30g plan). My wifi keeps saying "connected without internet ".I have restarted my devices. I have unplugged the modem, I have restarted the modem and still nothing. I have the fizz for less than a week and it it causing me problem. One moment I'm connected and the next I'm not.Please help


  • Before using Fizz, were you using a different cable internet provider at the same address? If so, did you have flawless service? If not (and you have ruled out any issues with the modem by resetting your modem, as suggested by MichelP above), you may have an issue with your connection to the Videotron network. You should contact Fizz via chat to schedule a technician to come out and check your outside cable connection to the network.
  • Reset or contact support team
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