Why can't I call 1-8XX numbers? (canada-wide coverage plan)

I need to call Abbvie Care to schedule the delivery of my meds but can't due to me being unable to call them. It says "your call is unable to be completed at this time, please try again later". I also need to call my insurance so I don't get charged for the meds but thats another 18XX number. What can I do to fix this? I've tried resetting APN, I can't get the support message bubble to appear during the given hours on multiple browsers, and I don't have facebook/twitter. This is extremely frustrating.


  • Same problem here... Either get fast busy signal with "network busy" reason for call rejection, or get the "your call is unable to be completed at this time" message. In essence, FIzz seems to be overwhelmed with call volume for the discounted lines they're leasing from major carriers.
    This is truly disappointing as we switched to Fizz to save some money, not to completely cut off our ability to make calls!
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    There's a lot of telephony issues worldwide because of the covid-19 and all the people working from home. Be patient, a lot more people are on calls and jamming the network at once, you will get through eventually. Good luck!
  • I'm generally a patient person, but, having worked for a couple of decades in the telecoms world, I know Fizz has really cheaped out on their bandwidth, hoping we'd never or at least infrequently hit capacity. Well, we've hit it now and calls aren't going through.
    This isn't a question of being patient. Calls are not going through. That's a reduction in service to me. Time for Fizz to step up and refund some monthly fees for not delivering viable service.
    I'm well aware of the situation of other cell customers in my area - nobody else is experiencing failures to connect calls, only Fizz customers (3 in our area). I'd be totally toast if I had to call 911 - that's not an acceptable (and shouldn't be a billable) level of service.
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    Is your problem resolved?
  • Congestion got better toward the end of last week (26/17 March) but frequently call quality, once a call was established, was poor. Only slightly less frequently did I have to dial a number 10 or more times before getting through.
    NOTE: My calling plan is unlimited voice Canada and USA - this is not a matter of me trying to call outside my plan.
    NOTE ALSO: the congestion was noticed not just on long distance calls but also local calls, like to my neighbor next door in 613 area code. If I had needed to call 911 I would have been in serious trouble.