How to view bonus accumulated credit, what was used, and remaining credits?

I read that you must track your own "bonus referral" manually.
Lets say I am not sure if 3, 4, 5... people finally used my code, what do you do?
How do you view your total accumulated bonus credit? And what has been used so far in your monthly bills/invoices?
And what about tracking remaining credits?
I can't believe that Fizz does not have a simple system to show #referrals used, amount of credit, how much was used, how much is left, etc...
Fizz has all the details, why not provide it to each user in their billing?
Seems we are back in prehistoric times and each user must keep track of their own details. This makes no sense...


  • sman
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    Est-ce que vous avez eu des problèmes avec les credits?
  • Check your account!
  • Fizzy
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    I'm sure Fizz has the amount calculated somewhere in our account.

    It might just be a matter of displaying the amount on our account for us and for Fizz reps to see.

  • Leifuer
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    Yeah, you are right, Fizz has its own tracking system.

    For customers, what we can do is firstly find out our ref bonus, which is already mentioned several times by others Fizzers here. Second check month bill history, bill will show every detail. Then with the help the calculator, one can get the final remaining bonus.

    This is so complicated, maybe Fizz should think about adding this feature to customers!
  • Thanks A for sharing!
  • Allison W.
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    It is a bit crazy that there's no running total of referral credits earned vs used in the user accounts. This post did prompt me to add mine up myself though.
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