What to do while short code SMS messages aren't working?

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Since Short Code SMS messages is not working and is already a known issue acknowledged by Fizz, what are other users using as a replacement and when will Fizz fix this issue?
Yesterday I tried logging into my paypal account, and it wouldn't let me login without sending a security code to my phone which I never received. I tried the phone call method but that didn't work either. The call would ring once then go to VM.


  • E S.
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    You'll have to use phone call options for now if that's possible. It worked with Google. Consider messaging Fizz on the chat bubble or via FB messenger. Also consider calling PayPal to see if they can help.
  • RobertTS
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    My way to login in PayPal:
    Enter password
    On next screen I click on "Having trouble logging in?"
    On next screen I click on "Answer your security questions".
  • Whizz
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    We confirm you that this issue is known by our technical team. The staff at Fizz is working around the clock in order to fix the situation. The service should be fully functional in the coming weeks.
    Thank you for your understanding and patience
    Have a nice day.
  • Dayan
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    Coming weeks, coming months or coming years?
  • Juan T.
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    It seems that this problem still has not been fixed. I am unable to receive 2FA from Paypal and this is very annoying. Is there any update on this issue? Is anyone able to use 2FA for Paypal?
  • RobertTS
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    It worked good for me in the last months, I receive almost instantly the text messages with the security code from PayPal. It also worked with other 2FA by SMS I used occasionally.
  • Kovid
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    You should check with companies making use of them to see if there is a plan B until the problem is fixed.
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