When am I getting my SIM card?

So the system tells me it was delivered, but I haven't received anything.Not to sure about this company I'll stay with my current provider and am I getting a refund?


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    this is the guide to follow,


    If the SIM was lost, you need to order a new one, after receiving it you must contact the support and ask a refund,
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    Most probably your sim card was stolen. The delivery company sticks an envelope with the sim card on the front door of the building since they don't have access inside like Canada Post. So you have to go get it as soon as you receive a delivery notification.
    You need to order another sim. The stolen sim will be reimbursed after you activate the second sim. Otherwise they won't reimburse you.
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  • If someone really get it, will they activate it ?
  • Yelena
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    @Jacquesdoo: anyone can activate it, that's why people steal it.
  • I dont understand why people get steal, it's the size of a postcard (with nice design so easy to reconize it) but it should go with letter in the mailbox, not sticked on door !! Mine was delivered by Canada Post directly in my mailbox, one day after ordered. Maybe Fizz should stay with postCanada in a LETTER like any anonymous CreditCard letter.
    Fizz is OK, problem might be where your post arrive..
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    As Mike and Yelena said, if tracking shows that the SIM card was delivered and you don't have it, it is now lost/stolen.

    You have to order another one. And once you have activated, you can ask Fizz support for reimbursement of the first SIM that was lost/stolen.


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  • Leifuer
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    For me it took about five days to delivery.

    If you still worry, try to contact Fizz. Sometimes it might due to the express company.
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