Internet installation scheduled for August 1st, 2019. Is the modem delivered by mail?

A fizz technician is scheduled to pass by between 7:30 AM and 12 PM for installation of my home internet. However, I have not received the modem yet. Is the modem usually delivered via mail or fizz's technician drops it? Thanks


  • Shilgi
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    When I got my internet setup a Videotron technician came brought the modem did a few setups outside the house and gave me the modem and left everything worked fine was simple to setup the modem
  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,940
    The technician will come with the modem. He will make sure that internet works.
  • The tech shows up with the modem and will test the speed of your Coax Cable.
    He will also take the serial number of your modem for Tracking reasons.
    Good Luck
  • if I am you, I will cancel it and search for another is the worst provider, yesterday someone bring me the router, yes everything is clear and you can do it by your self, easy setup....but the worst thing is the support, and I found the speed like other nothing change only few dollars less, and it is a bullshit comparing to other service and support....I will cancel my account immid. I only use it for 24 hours... if you will wait for support you will spend 100 light year for someone to reply you.
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