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Hi Fizz,
I made a posting a while ago and my issue has not been resolved.
I ordered a SIM card from Fizz that was mailed to me. I tried to activate the SIM card and the ID of the SIM was taken by another user.
After emailing back and forth, I was told the SIM card was good and it still did not work.
Fizz posts their address on the email, and since I work 5 minutes away from the office, I asked on the email if I could just drop into the office to get this fixed.
Instead of a reply confirming to drop into the office, the ticket I was communicating through was Closed.
I drop into the building close to my work, and security told me there is No Office and you can only communicate online.
So after all this back and forth, I have a SIM card that doesn't work That I Paid Money For, there is no office I can drop into, and the "Customer Service" just Closed my ticket without informing me that there is no office I can drop into
So after all this, I lost the SIM card finally. I also work 6 days a week and study part time
So what happens now? I have to order another SIM card. I am aware I have to spend Another 5$ , I was hoping this can be credited to my account
There is no number to call.
My friend told me about Fizz, but how can I change phone providers when this whole transition has been a disaster?
Does Fizz want my business or not ?


  • I sympathize with you for the issues you've been experiencing. My transition went relatively smoothly, however from what I understand this is still a fledgling company. There will definitely be issues to resolve on their side as their influx of customers stabilizes. Their online chat has been very helpful to my husband, who had issues inputting his credit card when he ordered his SIM card. Thankfully, everything else is working well so far.
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    Just stay away as far as you can. Think about changing your job also. You are too close
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    Hello James ,
    I am sorry abot the situation you encountered.In order to help you further I invite you to contact us via live chat or Facebook Messenger : .
    Have a nice day!
    Marius Daniel
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    Hi James,
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