0MB data left after using 764MB from my 4GB plan?

Why i have 0MB data left after consuming ~700MB on my 35$/4GB monthly plan?
When all the issues are going to be fixed?
4GB data for 35$/month is the same i can get at Fido + a stable network!
Seriously thinking to move back to Fido. C'mon guys - fix your problems! Your "cheap" prices will not keep people on board if you have so many Major and Basic problems, especially after yesterday's complete Voice service outage (7am to 9pm on a Monday!!!). Totally unacceptable. I am surpised no one will fine you for having complete Voice outage for more than 12h. Fix your problems, test the solutions, then go live!


  • Thanks Mike for the answer, but it did not help resolve my issue.
    I am not a facebook user, and there is no "chat bubble" poping up on the Solution page (i am logged in into my account). I tried 3 different browsers.
    Is there any other way to contact Fizz support/customer service (like regular plain email that works)?
  • Darus
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    Just install Facebook messanger
  • Sebastien
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    If the chat bubble is not there, they should be busy right now. Keep trying.
  • kobray
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    just make a fb account to contact fizz
  • Oh dahh..... i'm NOT gonna go create a facebook account to talk to support. So "not smart".... there is a reason people stay away from facebook. After 14-16h outage there should be a reason to stay away from fizz.
  • Mike
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    @aleksey you can use the chat
  • Contact Fizz, not us. We are simple users with no power.
  • Mike
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    @Gheorghe Lupu If the chat bubble does not appear, this means that the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity.

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    Bogdan Andrei
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