Fizz system has failed to process the payment and froze the line. Is it a temporary problem?

This morning I've a got three emails from Fizz (all at the same time). Fizz payment system failed to process the monthly charge and froze the line.
I've logged into my account and can't find a problem, the line is active, everything seems to be okay.
I browse to the notification section and there it is: around midnight the system has tried to process the payment and failed. Then 3 hours later they retry and succeed.
Basically my line got frozen for several hours not at my fault. Also there was no email notification that the payment succeeded and the line was unfrozen.
It's the first time my account gets an monthly auto charge(initial was manual)
So I can help to wonder if this is going to happen every time from now on? I couldn't find a known issue regarding the recurring payments.(as maybe related to certain cc)
My current line is my daughter's and it's not a big deal if it gets locked but I find it kind of scary to port my two additional lines to Fizz and risk loosing access to them if this happens again.
It'd be nice to receive an official update on this issue.


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